Cinnamoroll Twin room

The well-designed Cinnamoroll themed rooms, in addition to providing a full range of facilities and supplies, each room is uniquely designed and decorated with cute Cinnamoroll illustrations to bring you an extraordinary accommodation experience. Character-themed twin room with 2 beds and 1 extra bed can accommodate 3 people.

  • Number of people For 1 ~ 3 Pax
    Room Size 18㎡
    Floor 3F
    Bed Size W1,000×L2,000mm×2
    W970×L1,820mm(Extra bed)×1
    Beverages UCC DRIP POD, free coffee or tea
    Bathroom amenity Hand towels, face towels, bath towels, bathrobes, bathmat
    others The shower room is equipped with an overhead shower that enhances relaxation.
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    Layout example
    Design: Classic (TCM03)
    Design: Denim (TCM05)
    Design: Pastel (TCM06)
    Design: Ryukyu (TCM10)
    Design: Ryukyu (TCM11)
    Design: Ryukyu (TCM12)
    Layout example
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  • Wall-mounted TV(32inch)
  • Sink
  • Restroom & Bathroom
  • Overhead Shower

Bath supplies

Amenities that are committed to quality and safety while also taking into consideration SDGs initiatives
Pelican Soap Green Tea Series is characterized by its fresh and lush tea fragrance and contains three beauty ingredients: catechin, collagen, and vitamin C, which have high beauty benefits, mainly from domestically produced organic green tea leaves. Gioiello (cleanser, cleansing oil, toner, milky lotion) is a cosmetic series with a subtle tulip scent (3ml in a sachet) and contains organic ingredients of natural origin that are gentle to the skin. The cosmetic series (sachet packet/3ml) contains organic ingredients of natural origin that are gentle to the skin.
Other products include body towels and cotton sets made of 100% natural cotton, and toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and leathers made of bio-plastic containing 35% rice husks. The hotel is committed to providing ecological and earth-friendly amenities.

Pelican Green Tea Series ❶ and Character Slippers➓ are in your room. You can pick up ❷ to ❾ at the 《Complimentary Amenities Corner》 on the 1st floor.

  • ❶The Pelican Soap Green Tea series (shampoo, conditioner, body wash)
  • ❷Bath Towel

  • ❸Comb

  • ❹Gioiello (face wash, cleansing oil, lotion, milky lotion)
  • ❺Cotton Set
  • ❻Toothbrush
  • ❼Sanitizing Sheet
  • ❽Razor
  • ❾Shaving Foam
  • ➓Character Slippers