Rooms. Accommodation

01. How many rooms does the hotel have?

66 rooms. There are 10 junior suites, 40 twin rooms and 16 double rooms.

02. Can I choose the theme of the room?

You can freely choose the room for each character, including Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Gudetama, Pompompurin, and Bad Batsumaru. There are 8 characters to choose from.

03. Is there a charge for children sharing bed with their parents?

Free of charge.

04. Do you have accessible room?

Sorry,unfortunately we don’t have.

05. What is the check-in & check-out time?

Check in time : 4pm / check out time: 11am

About the luggage

08. Can I send my luggage to the hotel first?

Yes, but please note the following information
  1. The guest name must be written on the package. If the recipient name is not the check in guest, please indicate in the remarks column. If the identity of the package/luggage cannot be confirmed, the hotel will refuse collection.
  2. Please write down the arrival date
  3. We do not accept storage of valuables such as cash or jewelry accessories.
  4. Luggage can be received one week before the guest’s arrival. If you shop online, please pay for it yourself. We do not accept cash on delivery.
※For the package/luggage receive date, please contact the shipping company, package /luggage will be given to guests at check-in.

09. Can I store my luggage after checking out?

Yes, please pick it up before 6pm on the check-out day. Luggage cannot be stored for guests after 6 pm.

About facilities and services

10. Do you have Parking lot?

Sorry, there is no parking space at the hotel. Please ask the front desk for information on nearby pay parking lots. Please see the following page for your reference. [Information on paid parking and coin parking] ← Click to jump.

11. Is there a cleaning service?

There is no cleaning service.

12. Do you have smoking area?

Yes, the smoking room is located next to the 7F vending machine.

13. Can I smoke Electronic cigarettes in my room or non-smoking area?

If you need to smoke electronic cigarettes, please also use the smoking area.